Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Richmond Heights

Richmond Heights residents can be proud of their city tonight. All questions at tonight's mayoral candidate forum came from an audience of perhaps 200 people and were well conceived to draw out candidate positions in ways that enabled those in attendance to get a clear sense of each candidate.

Here are the questions:

1. Do you believe in term limits?

2. What is your giggest accomplishment in public office or in life?

3. What would you do to collaborate withother cities to save money?

4. What are your plans for improving community services for our youth to encourage more families to move to Richmond Heights?

5. What would you do to make RH more environmentally friendly?

6. What is your plan or vision for future of RH?

7. RH is city with a forward look. How do you plan to use civic engagement so that it is relevant in 21st century context?

8. What plans do any of you have in place to keep pools open and to have more diverse activities around the gazebo?

9. What about allegations surrounding properties on Chardon Rd.?

I did my best to transcribe the answers and will report them in the next day or two. Part Two of the evening {council candidates] is about to begin.

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