Thursday, September 15, 2016

Update on 'Don King Way'

Update: This morning we wrote with uncharacteristic vehemence about the proposed redesignation by Cleveland City Council of a stretch of Cedar Avenue as “Don King Way”. We promised this update after we had reached out to the measure’s co-sponsors, council members Phyllis Cleveland and Mamie Mitchell. We emailed each of them this morning and called them this evening but were able to reach only Ms. Mitchell, alas too late in the evening to conduct an interview. 

We believe this issue merits thorough public discussion that goes beyond even our own excited outburst this morning. We will continue to report on this matter, which we understand will go before a council committee on Monday. Stay tuned!

The Stench of Don King Way

It's fairly mind-boggling to learn that two Cleveland City Council members — Phyllis Cleveland and Mamie Mitchell — have introduced a measure calling for a section of Cedar Ave. to be renamed Don King Way in some bizarre commemoration of the former numbers king pin turned boxing impresario. The proposed action will change the current designation of a section of Shaker Boulevard in front of the Call & Post Building to a stretch of Cedar Ave. that includes the site where King once stomped a man to death over a gambling debt. For his horrific act, King was convicted of second-degree murder — subsequently reduced to first-degree manslaughter — and served four years in prison. After he became rich and famous, King was pardoned for his crime by then-Ohio Gov. James Rhodes.

King is now the owner and publisher of the Call and Post, once a proud voice on behalf of the black community, but now a little-read and mostly useless vehicle that features King’s weekly stream-of-consciousness page one rants on the virtues of Donald Trump [seriously!].

We intend to reach out to Council members to find out just what justification there might be for this proposal. Check back tonight for the response.