Friday, October 18, 2013

NEWS BULLETIN: Ohio Supreme Court's Disciplinary Counsel comes down hard on Cleveland Municipal Judge Angela Stokes

Discipline, psychiatric exam recommended by Supreme Court counsel

Cleveland television station WOIO is reporting “the Disciplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court has recommended that Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Angela Stokes be disciplined for what it calls abusive treatment of nearly everyone that comes into her courtroom. “
Judge Angela Stokes
A report from the Office of Disciplinary Counsel obtained by the station claims that Stokes continues cases 300% more often than any other judge, that she has had 21 bailiffs since 1995, and that court personnel rotate through her courtroom more often than others because of "burnout" and the abusive treatment they receive. 
The ODC report, finding that she "may be suffering from a mental illness that substantially impairs her ability to perform her duties as a judicial officer," recommends that Judge Stokes be given a psychiatric examination.

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