Thursday, July 14, 2016

One Hundred Million Dollars a Mile


Whether you are were an avid supporter or an adamant foe of the most expensive highway project — One Hundred Million Dollars a Mile — ever envisioned for Greater Cleveland, the Opportunity Corridor project is coming along full speed and has consequences and opportunities you need to be know about.

Section 2 is about to begin even as Section 1 continues to move forward.

• What could this mean for your business or your career?
• What does this mean for your constituents, your customers, your clients, your commute?

The Ohio Department of Transportation and the lead contractor, Great Lakes Construction Company Team, are co-sponsoring a kick-off info session, “Opt-In for Opportunities, the Opportunity Corridor – Section 2 Workforce & Business Development”, to answer your questions.

The event is being held this afternoon from 5PM to 7:30 PM at Karamu House, 2355 East 89 Street, Cleveland OH 44106. This is a chance for you to learn what Phase 2 entails and the opportunities it holds for your community.

During the second part of the event, from 6 PM -7:30 PMattendees can:
Learn about workforce and future business opportunities
Access job/career opportunities in the construction industry
Network with industry experts and professionals in the transportation sector

This is a must attend event if you live or work in or along the Opportunity Corridor, or provide services to those who do. It’s equally vital for those seeking to start or advance careers in construction, or expand their business possibilities.

Call, text or go online NOW! to reserve your seat:

To register by phone or text, the number is 216-220-7010.

Opportunity is knocking!