Monday, February 01, 2016

Euclid mayor appoints new president of council after members deadlock on choice

New Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail appointed her own successor today after Euclid City Council failed to agree on a new council president. Gail had been president of Council for eight years before resigning after her election as mayor in November.

Gail appointed John Monroe as the next council president and will swear him in tonight at Council meeting. Monroe is not presently a member of council but the city's Charter does not make that a requirement. 

The responsibility to appoint a new president fell to Gail when Council deadlocked over the choice, failing to advance beyond repeated 4-4 votes between Ward 4 Councilman Kristian D. Jarosz and Ward 7 Councilman Daryl K. Langman.

Jarosz told the Real Deal Press that he was "looking forward to working with John as councilman to address the city's critical needs." He said that he was among perhaps several others who suggested to the mayor that she appoint someone not presently on Council as a way to move forward harmoniously.

The text of the mayor's letter to Council announcing her choice is reproduced below.

Councilman Langman was unavailable for comment at the time of this post.

As the result of City Council’s inability to appoint a new Council President within thirty days, that decision is now my responsibility as Mayor. The job of Council President is one I understand well, having held that role for the last eight years. I have also been able to observe our current Council members as they worked through their process, ultimately not coming to consensus.
The job of Council President requires a steady, strong leader who will work to build positive action and relationships for the good of both our neighborhoods and our businesses. At this moment, this person also needs to bring Council together, work effectively with a new administration and lead the legislative process for the City.
With this in mind, I have appointed John Monroe to the position of Council President. John is a lifelong resident of Euclid and has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for 9 years having served as both Chairman and Vice-Chair. John has also been active in the community as a Board Member of Friends of the Henn Mansion, a member of the past Euclid Housing Improvement Board, coach for Euclid Youth Soccer, and Commissioner of Euclid Adult Hockey League. Professionally, John is a Share Holder for Mansour Gavin, LPA, specializing in real estate law where he also serves on the firm’s Executive Committee. His experience and expertise will serve the City well in this expanded role.
Personally, I have known John for many years, and trust that he will lead in a professional, balanced, participatory, and fair manner. I know he will challenge my administration to come to great solutions and bring out the best in all of us.
The tone of the first Council meeting in January was energetic, hopeful and collaborative. With key players now in place, I am confident that we can work together for the good of our community. Please join me in welcoming John to his new role.
I will be administering the Oath of Office for John this evening at the beginning of the Council meeting.
Thank you,
Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail