Tuesday, November 28, 2017

CPT: Race Relations and Race Results

 Cuyahoga Politics Today
New Show in Town; New councilmen for Lee-Harvard and Hough pending recounts 

We haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but there is a new weekly radio show in town that bears checking out. It’s called “Race Relations in America with Laverne and Jack”. The hour-long program airs Tuesdays from 6-7PM on WERE TalkCLE Radio 1490/AM.

Laverne Jones Gore and Jack Boyle are the co-hosts. Gore, a Cleveland resident, founded and leads the Ohio Diversity Coalition, which appears aimed at fostering a healthier relationship between white and black Republicans. Businesswoman Gore and retired banker Boyle, a Solon resident, launched the show a few months ago.

We don’t know if all the shows are politically oriented but tonight’s should be of some interest as it features Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, who is seeking the 2018 GOP nomination for Governor.

Taylor is expected to discuss her gubernatorial campaign, the allegations against Roy Moore, the GOP candidate for US Senate in next month’s special election in Alabama, as well as the secret payments US Congressmen have authorized to settle allegations of improper conduct relating to some undetermined number of them preying on women, especially Congressional staffers and interns.

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The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections announced this morning that former Councilman Joe Jones and Basheer Jones have secured narrow election victories over incumbents Terrell Pruitt and T. J. Dow. Joe Jones won the Ward 1 seat by eight votes — 2,690 to 2,682 — while Basheer Jones edged Dow in Ward 7 by thirteen votes — 1,599 to 1,586. The victory margins are well within the range for which the law mandates an automatic recount. The recounts will take place next week.

These are two of the more important political wards in the city. Ward 1, centered in Lee-Harvard, historically generates the highest turnout in the black community, while Hough’s Ward 7 is generally thought to be a prime site for expansion by two of the city’s 800-pound institutional gorillas — the Cleveland Clinic and University Circle. How Basheer navigates the ward’s relationship with those entities will go a long way towards defining his council tenure and political future.
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