Friday, January 10, 2014

Sharpened United Way focus to test area nonprofits

Local agencies must adjust immediately to qualify for funding next fiscal year

Nearly 15 years ago the United Way of Greater Cleveland began requiring its nonprofit grantees to adapt outcome-based measurements as a means of demonstrating their continued grant-worthiness. It would no longer be sufficient for agencies merely to count the number of people they served. Results would increasingly be measured and scrutinized in the intensified competition for funding.

The screws appear to be tightening even further now that UWGC has sharpened its focus in an effort to achieve more bang for its bucks. The federated charity introduced this week its new Community Impact Agenda, with the goal of creating “a healthy community where every child succeeds in school and every family achieves financial stability.”

“United Way volunteers and board and staff members identified 11 priorities and 23 strategies to focus intently on our community’s most pressing needs,” said United Way Chairman of the Board and PNC Bank Regional President Paul Clark in a prepared statement.

“Formerly, United Way had 19 priorities and 53 strategies. Moving forward, we have fewer, very targeted strategies crafted specifically to advance education, income and health in Greater Cleveland.”

A new funding process has been put in place to qualify for funding in the United Way fiscal year that begins July 1. Nonprofits seeking United Way funding must submit by Friday, January 10 at 5PM an electronic letter of intent as a pre-application. If the pre-application is approved, then the eligible organizations must submit proposals by 5PM Friday, February 14, 2014.

The pre-application rules and guidelines may be viewed and downloaded here.

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