Thursday, February 21, 2013

News Bulletin: Richmond Hts. mayor says he's going for 7th term

We like to let our reporting speak for itself but the timing is too sweet for us not to report on a development that occurred within hours of yesterday’s post on this year’s race for mayor of Richmond Heights.

It seems that Mayor Daniel Ursu couldn’t wait to get to the office today and send a succinct interoffice memo to city council and his cabinet that reads in full: “Since some of you have asked and it’s the time of year when some of you might be wondering, “yes” I do plan to run this November for re-election as Mayor.”

We especially liked his sign-off: “Yours in Civics.”

We look forward to this race. Perhaps the next time he sees us he will actually speak, instead of scurrying into City Hall and locking the door as he did on one unforgettable occasion. 

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