Thursday, December 06, 2012

Nonprofit Thursday Spotlight on Domestic Violence

I can’t help but feel the connection between the area mother who is alleged to have killed her son Emiliano Terry and then tossed him in a dumpster and Malissa Williams, the homeless woman who died alongside Timothy Russell in the fusillade of bullets fired by police at them as if they were some modern day version of Bonnie and Clyde. Both women had been victims themselves many times before they came to our notice as a result of some incomprehensible violence.

I guess that’s why I was glad to learn that Yolanda Armstrong has, along with three of her male friends — Lamond, Lamont, and Danny — decided to establish the Dr. Tonya L. Hunter Endowment Fund for Children who Witness Violence. Hunter was a dedicated family therapist to many families in Cuyahoga County. Unfortunately, she was murdered in front of her son in a brutal act committed by his stepfather.  Tonya and Yolanda were close friends.

Yolanda is promoting a New Year’s Eve Gala, the proceeds from which will benefit the establishment of the Fund. Hunter and Armstrong were close friends.  Yolanda, who works as director of community relations at Guidestone, formerly known as Berea Children’s Home, moved to establish the Fund and persuade her employer to serve as its fiscal agent.

Prices start at $225/single or $295/couple for the affair at the Embassy Suites on Rockside Woods Boulevard in Independence. The tax-deductible event sounds like a good way to have fun and do good at the same time.

For more information: Yolanda 216.408.0071; Lamond 216.990.3701; Lamont 216.235.1598; Danny 216.370.2838.

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