Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Richmond Heights Schools update: Interim Superintendent, questions about investigation

The Richmond Heights Board of Education has named elementary school principal Dr. Robert Moore as interim superintendent to replace Dr. Linda T. Hardwick, who was relieved of her duties with pay on November 3.

The school district is investigating allegations supposedly related to the misappropriation of district property.

Local station WKYC-TV 3 has a brief story on its website on last night’s special board meeting. As of 1:30PM today no other local television station had posted a report.

Nature of investigation unclear
Informed parties believe that the “district property” consists of documents that unknown parties may have turned over to the any of numerous federal and state government agencies that have been investigating alleged improprieties at the district.

In other words the investigation may actually be the attempt by the Board to discover the whistle-blower [s] who has exposed various board practices and actions to investigators. This could mean that public resources are being used to uncover protected behavior.

By a 3-2 vote, the district last week fired central office employee, Peggy Parker, an action almost certain to cost the district money, win or lose. Parker is reported to have already filed a complaint with one or more agencies, and a lawsuit is likely being considered as well.

Money for investigation
Richmond Heights taxpayers should ask the board members Josh Kaye, Aaron Burko, and Bob Fox, the three who voted to suspend the superintendent and conduct the investigation, how much they plan to spend on this investigation, who is getting paid to conduct it, and where the money is coming from.

These questions should be posed and answered even though the Board intends to refrain from making any further statements until the investigation is complete.

The next regularly scheduled board meets is Monday, November 21 at 7PM. By that time district residents will have decided whether to retain the only two incumbents, Linda Pliodzinskas and Bobby Jordan, who have tried to check many questionable board policies, and who they want to join or replace them. Bob Fox's term ends December 31 and he chose not to run for a second term.

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Anonymous said...

Richard, may I ask you a few questions, and make a few comments?

Why did you decide the 3 Board members, on the Richmond Ht's school board, want to get Dr. Hardwick out, because of how she handled the basketball coach?

I would say no one, including the X-Basketball coach handled the issues very well. Not the Board, not Dr, Hardwick. Regarding how Dr, Hardwick handled it, my understanding is, she did not follow procedures, the school board and lawyers wanted her to. Because they need to follow the law. She did not care. It was not, that they were protecting the coach, they just wanted to follow the law. By her actions, it became more difficult to deal with the issues, so they don't get sued.

Why do you think, just because they are White, they do not like Dr, Hardwick? I believe Bob Fox voted for her to get the job. Could it be, he was told she could do the job, and that is all the mattered? Not because of what she looks like.

If Dr. Hardwick is doing her job so well, please ( not asking her) what has she done so well.

She spent a lot of time and money on people and a charter school that never happened. She did whatever she wanted, the board did nothing to stop her, for too long. Because, they were afraid to, for the very reason, how you keep talking about them. In fact this board, unlike other boards, did not get into day to day operations.

Could it be, she really cannot do the job and needs to go?

Chuck Tyler, hired her, and now he is working on getting her out. Why?

This is not about Color, it is about a person, that has not done the job that needs to be done for the school district. That is all. She happens to be African American, and they happen to be White.

Please, if your going to write about communities, looking to right the wrongs of the world, please stop looking for every issue that happens to have a White person and a African American involved, to be a issue of Color.

My biggest problem with the way you are reporting about Richmond Ht's schools., is by not truly getting the facts of the people involved, you are doing an injustice to the kids, community and to African Americans that work so hard, not to make the Color of their skin, the only reason to make judgement as to whom they are as a person.

The Basketball Coach was wrong on using bad language, wrong words, ( I don't know what was said ), but, did anyone ask him, how much he truly cared about the kids? It was never about Color for him, it was about helping kids. Is it possible he made bad choices, yes, but did it mean he has no respect for African Americans. Of course not.

Dr. Hardwick, said to the staff, we need a staff that looks more like the students. Some parents feel the same way. Also, it has been said, the teachers do not understand the African American culture. My question is, what does that have to do with educating people in Math, English, and Science? Once these kids get out of school, does that mean they can only get a job that has African Americans in charge? These kids are American kids, just like all other American kids.