Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Roundup and Parental Pride

 I am supposed to be off today but but I wanted to share the news with those who may be unaware that late yesterday the Ohio Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the Republican drawn congressional maps can be put to a voter referendum. The GOP had tried to end run state law by attaching an appropriations measure to the redistricting bill [House Bill 319] to prevent an attack by referendum. Even our too-partisan state Supreme Court could not swallow that stew.

On Monday the state Democratic Party is expected to ask the Court to restart the 90-day window for collecting signatures to but a repeal referendum of the ballot. This reasonable request is likely to be granted; otherwise the Court’s action yesterday would have been mostly for show and without substance.
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I’m off for the day to go see an international belly dancer, the world-renowned Lara Adrienne. Real Deal readers and parents of every stripe will forgive the mild hyperbole. Lara is my youngest daughter and a professional belly dancer. She is based in the Washington DC area and in Turkey, where she has spent most of this year.

I have been relegated to seeing her in videos on her website and YouTube. Tonight I get to see her live for the first time [apart from a 2010 wedding, this is her Midwest debut!] when she takes the stage at the Bohemian National Hall, 4939 Broadway Ave, in Slavic Village.  Call 216.883-0675 or visit for more information.

Lara Adrienne is Shaker Heights High School ‘00 and Howard University ’05. See her dance here and check out her writing here and here. With respect to the last website, I am personally amazed that one who can be so talkative would adopt a medium so spare.

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Stories we are working on for next week include the latest maneuvers from the Gang-That-Couldn’t-Shoot-Straight, aka the Richmond Heights Board of Education majority, and a certain news organization that has perverted the endorsement process in ways that seem inconceivable.

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Go Browns!

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