Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hearing proceeding on whether Joy Jordan will be allowed to run in Oct. 1 mayoral primary

The Board finds that mayoral candidate Levester Adams had only 68 valid signatures, 23 short of the required 91. Mr. Adams says that he had 85 valid signatures but that the Board discarded several pages of his petitions. The Board’s response is that those pages were discarded because of a technical error in calculating the number of signatures.

Lateek Rasheen Shabazz has withdrawn his petitions and will not be a candidate in the Democratic mayoral primary.

The Board is now considering concerns raised about candidate Joy Jordan’s petitions.

The Board is about to hear from several parties, including the East Cleveland law director, Dr. Joy Jordan, attorney Pittman, and East Cleveland activists O. Mays and Gerald Strothers.

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