Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Board of Elections considering Jordan petition, may allow her candidacy

Full house for hearing on Jordan petition at Board of Elections meeting. East Cleveland Mayor Norton is in first row, 2d from left. Attorney Pittman, attorney for Council President Joy Jordan, is fifth from left, same row. Jordan is standing along the wall in turquoise blouse. Ms Stanton stands in front of Jordan.

Attorney Pittman has just dropped a bombshell, claiming that Ms Cheryl Stanton did not sign or agree to be an elector for Vernon Robinson, and that she was put on Mr. Robinson's petition without her knowledge or approval.

Mr. Robinson has been certified as a candidate in the Democratic mayoral primary, along with the incumbent Gary Norton. Ms Stanton's name appears as an elector on the petitions of both Mr. Robinson and Council president Joy Jordan.

The City of East Cleveland, per law director Ronald Riley, is arguing that East Cleveland's charter implies that an elector can sign AS AN ELECTOR, only one mayoral candidate's petition.

Jordan's attorney, Daryl Pittman, is making a very effective presentation on his client's behalf.

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