Thursday, November 03, 2016

T​he GOP is Trapped with Trump: But America Must Not Be — By Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr.

Op - Ed

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr.
For 52 years the GOP has been moving toward a Trump-like candidate. In 1964, the Goldwater movement captured the Republican Party’s nomination for president. Goldwater voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. Goldwater was defeated by President Lyndon Johnson. It was a landslide victory for President Johnson. However, the Goldwater forces crushed the moderate wing of the Republican Party. Rockefeller, Javits, Case, Scranton, Margaret Chase Smith and others were marginalized.

Richard Nixon made a comeback in 1968 because the war in Vietnam had critically divided the Democratic Party and the nation. The Civil Rights movement caused the Southern Democrats to leave the Democratic Party and Nixon embraced them — including the George Wallace Democrats. The Southern democrats really began their exodus in 1948, but did not make a full-scale exodus until the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Bill.

President Carter won in 1976 but the religious and political right wind went all out for Reagan in 1980. Reagan gave a welcome carpet and comfort to the South with a states’ rights appeal. The GOP for the first time in its history formed an almost solid coalition with the Old Confederacy.

However, a new generation of voters appeared on the scene of the political horizon and embraced the leadership of young President Obama. This new coalition of voters elected President Obama twice. The Republican Party did not develop platforms of creative ideas but instead built a House of Hate. For eight years they have almost congratulated themselves on who could be the most extreme haters of President Obama. These insidious, almost unrestrained attacks against the President and his family not only build a partisan House of Hate but made total room for a partisan monster. My son, Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, III says the underlying message of Frankenstein is that he eventually turns against those who created him.

When Trump was leading the “birther initiative”, the GOP was essentially silent. Years ago, Dr. King said: “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” We can also say there are times when silence is sinful. When Frankenstein was trying to destroy President Obama, too many “good” people were silent. Now a monstrous spirit is choking the GOP and threatening the nation. This House of Hate has become a national cancer, a smoldering volcano with international implications. The ugly fact is, not only has a segment of the GOP been hating President Obama for eight years; they have been hating Mrs. Clinton for almost 25 years. This House of Hate has produced a monster that is now threatening its creators.

There is another complication. The monster is not alone. There is an army of followers prepared to do almost anything their new leader tells them to do. Not just against Mrs. Clinton and other Democrats but against Republicans as well.

There is still another danger. It is the suicidal and/or homicidal path that says: “Ignore the top of the ticket and vote the down ticket. Do not make a decision at the top of the ticket.” This is like saying: “Let’s not have a leader or president for the next four years.” Would you recommend this for your company, industry, corporation, business, family, university, city or state for four years? I heard and saw this in 1968 and we got Richard Nixon, Watergate and a national disaster.

Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is equally as qualified as Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States of America and world leader does not know the difference between sunrise and sunset. Mrs. Clinton on her worst days is 100 times better than Mr. Trump on his best day. She is better in qualification, preparation, participation and dedication in national and global affairs.

For the sake of Democrats and Republicans … For the sake of generations not yet born … For the sake of Mr. Trump himself and the entire nation, he should not be our next president.

After November 8, there will be an urgent need for a dynamic movement of love, justice, and reconciliation … A movement to end decades of hate and injustice. It will not be a new movement but it will need new prophets, apostles, disciples and women and men of faith, courage, love and commitment. This is our task. No President can lead alone.

We have yet to overcome over 400 years of slave-trading, slavery, discrimination, lynchings, assassinations, racism, hate, sexism, bigotry, poverty, homophobia, inequality, fear, oppression, violence and despair. Every president needs pastors, prophets, teachers and activists to do things that presidents can never do alone, i.e., build “a more perfect union.”

The Trump Trap is a threat to everyone including the GOP and the whole nation.

The Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, Jr. is Pastor Emeritus of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church in Cleveland Ohio and Founder of the Love, Justice and Reconciliation Ministry.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rev. Moss,
Thanks for your astute moral and historical analysis of the fateful choice facing our troubled land. I would like to share with you what I just wrote to my family regarding the coming election:

Mr. Trump lacks the experience, character, integrity, respect for scientific truth, ethics, empathy, belief in America, temperament, and mental stability to be supported in any position of responsibility, much less to be trusted with his finger on the nuclear button and the whims of the FBI. This is not just my opinion, for he has proven through his own incendiary words and morally bankrupt deeds that he is undeserving of any respect whatsoever, It would be an enormous disappointment to know that anyone among my friends or family could possibly support a bigoted and dishonest man of such inherent selfishness and mean spirit who repudiates and scorns and negates everything that my father and mother and millions like them from Roosevelt to Martin Luther King to Obama fought so hard to achieve. If any rational and reasonably educated person somehow cannot judge his bankrupt character from the stream of horrendous threats, unfounded accusations and sleazy insinuations he has screamed at America over the last 18 months, then I would have no respect whatsoever for their character either... and I would be forced to continue on my solitary path for the remainder of my life, for I would have no desire to suffer their lame rationalizations and bogus justifications for the hatred Trump spews out against anyone who disagrees with his irrational view of the world.
This election is a crystal clear test of character and intellect. America as an idealistic concept and each of us as sentient individuals in the larger community face the most obvious choice between good and evil since the build-up to WW II or the segregationist legacy of the fifties. The profoundly ignorant and gullible may flunk the test, but by the thinnest of margins, this tragically divided nation may somehow survive our dangerous flirtation with the nightmare of a Trump Presidency and proudly inaugurate Madame President Clinton in January.

Courage and wisdom to all between now and Tuesday night…and beyond…

Roy Van Til, Vienna ME

Vladimir Jabotinsky said...

"The Civil Rights movement caused the Southern Democrats to leave the Democratic Party and Nixon embraced them — including the George Wallace Democrats. "

This is misleading at best. I also used to think that southern racists switched: but it's not true. Senator Byrd, KKK grand wizard, is a prime example. He stayed a Democrat and was even praised by the entire party for decades.

~1% switched.

Rev. Moss is factually incorrect about the party affiliation of racists vs. freedom lovers.

Richard said...

Dinesh D'Souza is one of Ameica's most shallow analysts and should not be cited for anything except flaming ignorance. More to the point, citing one man as an example, even if accurate, would hardly be sufficient to rebut the wholesale trend of Dixiecrats and Confederate sympathizers who forsook the Democratic Party in favor of the GOP.

Sen. Byrd, D-WV actually reflects a movement opposite to your claim. While he was indeed once a Klan member, he came to realize the error of his ways and became such a stalwart advocate and defender of civil rights, including both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, that the NAACP mourned his passing in 2010.

We appreciate your being a reader and for your willingness to participate in dialogue but please do your homework using reliable sources.