Wednesday, July 02, 2014

New Publication, New Schedule, New event for Small Business Owners

Faithful readers have perhaps wondered where The Real Deal has gone, given that our last post was March 12.

Short answer: The Real Deal blog went on an unannounced sabbatical to prepare for the emergence of The Real Deal Press, a free monthly tabloid newspaper that made its debut in Cuyahoga County in early April.  More than 10,000 copies of each issue are distributed to over 200 locations in Greater Cleveland. The July issue hit the streets last week.

The mission of The Real Deal Press is to attract, articulate, and amplify civic intelligence and community good will to our coverage area and beyond. The* principal coverage area is comprised of those communities that make up the "BMW" school districts: Bedford, Bedford Heights, Highland Hills, Maple Heights, North Randall, Oakwood Village, and Warrensville Heights. Additionally, the Real Deal Press provides coverage of business, health, education, nonprofit, and civic affairs of particular interest or importance to our readership throughout Northeast Ohio.

It was always our intent to return to blogging on some schedule and in some fashion that would complement The Real Deal Press. Today is the day we do so. Many of you have become familiar with our Nonprofit Thursday posts. In that spirit, we offer Business Tuesday, a feature that will focus primarily on items of interest to minority business enterprises and other small businesses in northeast Ohio.

Most successful businesses, regardless of size, learn how to plan. To paraphrase a popular saying goes, those who fail to plan are planning to fail. This of course applies to a range of business activities, from financial projections to marketing to scheduling.

Small businesses are known for being nimble, and it is in that regard that we share this last-minute news of an event set for today that we just learned about. It intrigues us enough that we plan to attend.

The event, a Workshop On How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Small Business, will be held Tuesday, July 2, at Corporate College East, 4400 Richmond Rd, Warrensville Heights, OH 44128. Representatives from FB will conduct the presentation, which will run from 11:30AM-1PM.

The event is free. Register here or onsite beginning at 11AM.

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge of Warrensville Heights will offer welcoming remarks.

Nonprofit Thursdays will resume this week.

* Bedford, Maple Heights, and Warrensville Heights.

* Bedford, Maple Heights, and Warrensville Heights.

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