Saturday, October 26, 2013

Video of Richmond Heights mayoral candidate Dave Ali

We invited each candidate for mayor of Richmond Heights to sit with us for a discussion about their city, their qualifications and their vision. In exchange we offered each of them an opportunity to speak directly to our readers via video. Two of the candidates agreed to this offer.

Below is the video of candidate David Ali. It was recorded immediately following last week’s League of Women Voters mayoral candidates forum in the Richmond Heights middle school gym.

Our report on Mr. Ali will be posted next Wednesday.  We delayed posting the video until the deadline passed for candidates to respond to our offer. And we believe it is only fair to hold reporting on our conversation with Mr. Ali until we have completed our conversation with Miesha Headen.

Neither Mayor Daniel Ursu nor Councilwoman Eloise Henry responded to our offer by yesterday’s 5PM deadline.  

Our question for the day: is this video helpful in assessing Mr. Ali’s candidacy? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Jack Johnson said...

This guy is a joke

Janine Johnson said...

So, will he be able to run for mayor? It is obvious he is not qualified.

Richard said...

@ Jack & Janine:

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts and concerns. Mr. Ali is indeed on the ballot by virtue of his having met the legal requirements, including filing the required number of valid signatures of Richmond Heights voters.
Richmond Heights has no mayoral primary so there will be four candidates on the ballot: David Ali, Miesha Headen, Eloise Henry, and Daniel Ursu.

Janine Johnson said...

My question is how is he is still permitted to run for mayor of Richmond Heights if it has been proven that through the Ohio Ethnic Commission Guidance letter he cannot both be mayor and have himself or his son develop the Chardon-Richmond Rd. gas station? What will be done about this situation?

Richard said...

Janine, I will address this more fully in the next couple of days but the short answer is that the letter you reference is not sufficient to prevent a citizen from exercising his or her right to be on the ballot if they otherwise qualify for the office they seek.

giantleappictures said...