Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Nonprofit Thursday a day early! Volunteers are looking for you!

One of our regular readers has a ten-hour court-mandated community service requirement courtesy of an expired license plate violation. She has solicited RealDeal counsel for a recommendation regarding a nonprofit agency serving the African American community where she might discharge her responsibility.

It occurs to us that others may have similar questions, whether court-mandated or otherwise.

So we are asking our nonprofit readers who know of volunteer opportunities akin to that sought by our inadvertent lawbreaker to forward appropriate information to us, either via the comment section here or via email to nonprofits AT

Useful responses would include name of contact, telephone and email, agency name, and a summary of volunteer possibilities [working with elderly, children, teens; office work, outdoor work, location, volunteer skill set/qualifications needed, etc.] We will compile and publish the information.

Strike while the iron is hot! There are legions of Greater Clevelanders just waiting to advance your nonprofit mission. Spread the word to your favorite executive director and submit your info.

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Several readers have noted that they no longer receive regular email teasers announcing the latest THE RealDeal posts. This is due primarily a result of our having upgraded our Gmail account, which had the unexpectedly perverse effect of rendering more difficult the task of notifying our growing email list.

We will continue to notify you as best we can. However, may we suggest you sign up as a follower of THE RealDeal [you may do so privately; all that's required is your email address, which we probably have already and will never sell, rent, etc.]. This will ensure that you receive prompt notice of all new posts. Additionally, it will signal your humble scribe that you place some value on our heartfelt digital scrivenings.

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