Friday, March 01, 2013

BULLETIN: Gunfire in East Cleveland at rapper’s funeral

Gunfire in East Cleveland at rapper’s funeral

Police and television news crews on scene following
gunfire at funeral service for slain rapper

No reported injury but safety concerns intensify as mayor-council fiscal standoff has slashed police presence

A gunman fired a shot into a Hayden Avenue church in East Cleveland this morning during the funeral for rapper Cedric Morgan. No one was injured but the police put nearby Chambers Elementary School on lockdown to prevent anyone from entering the school.

The 24-year old Morgan, who performed under the name Lil Ced, was shot and killed in front of his home on East 142 St in East Cleveland on Feb. 20.

The shootings will undoubtedly lead to heightened tensions among city residents. The city’s struggles to deal with its state of fiscal emergency as declared in October by the State Auditor, has led to disputed cutbacks in the safety budget. The city council slashed the safety budget by more than one million dollars, leading the city administration to reduce police presence on city streets by more than 70 percent.

The mayor contends the council cut the safety budget needlessly. The city’s leading social action organization, Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope [NOAH], decided at a meeting earlier this week to step up pressure on council to restore the budget cuts.

NOAH members have been circulating petitions and encouraging citizens to assemble this coming Tuesday at City Hall, 14308 Euclid Avenue, where a rally in support of returning police to the streets will take place. Organizers then hope to pack council’s cramped chambers and press the legislators to “do the right thing”.

Mayor Norton was inside the church at the funeral when the shots rang out. Omega Baptist Church, at 1355 Hayden Ave., is only a few blocks from where Morgan’s murder took place.

The lockdown at Chambers School has been lifted.


Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan announced today that the city of Detroit is so snarled in financial woes that the state must appoint an emergency manager to lead it out of disaster.
The announcement was made in a town-hall-style meeting that was broadcast live on local television stations across the city.


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