Friday, December 30, 2011

We just love our Kentucky Negroes

We just love our Kentucky Negroes
We thank our fashion friend Kim for alerting us to this incredible product offering:
Coclico, a shoe manufacturer, is offering ladies’ boots in that fab color “Kentucky Negro”!
Take a look here for another reason to celebrate how President Obama’s election ushered in this new era of harmony and understanding!


Dave Clevelander said...

I dunno. How is this any more offensive than calling a baseball team the Atlanta Braves or the Cleveland Indians, with the toothy Chief Wahoo as the mascot?
Or the ironically named Tomahawk missile or the Apache helicopter (named after a decimated, vanquished people)

Racial slurs are really annoying but let's save the rage for more important matters.

Richard said...

You know I agree with you re Chief Wahoo; the symbol is demeaning to our whole community.

I didn't expend any rage towards the Kentucky Negro purveyers. In fact, I found it a tad amusing, even though it of course is understandably annoying, and wholly inappropriate, and typically ignorant.

Glad to see that you have adapted a persona and begun to comment. I look forward to your becoming a regular!