Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Re-districting Drama is High Stakes Battle for More than Seats

Within hours of news reports citing GOP sources that a deal was near to peel off black House Democrats for a revised congressional map, State Rep. Sandra Williams, a Cleveland Democrat who heads the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, released a statement denying that any such deal has been reached and reaffirming her group’s solidarity with House Democrats and the Democratic Party.

Williams’ statement:

“There has been no agreement between members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus and anyone on the Republican side on new congressional district lines. …The GOP so far is only offering minor tweaks to district lines without fundamentally changing the huge disparity between Republican and Democratic majority seats. This status quo is unacceptable to us, House Democrats and the Democratic Party as a whole. However, discussions are ongoing to achieve a workable map.”

My oh my.

Politics these days has become a high stakes game.  Or, as the wags put it, politics ain’t beanbag.

The posturing going on at the statehouse is real combat as Republicans work to adjust on the fly to yet another overreach.  If we look at the political landscape not just in Ohio but all across the land in 2011, there has been a well-organized, well-funded coordinated effort to restrict American democracy and full participation therein. And you don’t have to be a liberal loving, Wall Street-hating, union-worshiping, blindly partisan Democrat peacenik to see it.

Discouraging voters by restricting access to early voting; attacking public unions to eviscerate virtually the only force capable in the public arena of going toe-to-toe the most egregious excesses unbridled corporate desire; rigging voting districts to ensure that people can vote essentially by packing up and moving: this is what the GOP-Tea Party has ramped up since the last presidential election in preparation for the next presidential election, now just twelve months away.

No less an authority than the Federal Reserve provides evidence that since 2007, the collective net worth of Americans has fallen about $5.5 trillion [$5,500,000,000,000.00], or more than 8.6 percent. Over 85% of that decline is in real estate, which has lost $4.7 trillion in value, or 22 percent, since 2007.

Now we already know that those at the top have seen their wealth increase astronomically over the past two decades. So who is seeing that loss at home, gentle readers? All the rest of us, the 80 to 90 percent of the country who need to be seeking out and shoring up allies of every sort, because if the conservatives’ coordinated national effort succeeds, we’ll be in for more of the same.

Your representatives in Columbus know this, and you should let them know that you do as well and that they needn’t come home if they sell out.

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Quick Bits: Today marks the anniversary of the debut of Ebony magazine in 1945.
The US tested the first hydrogen bomb on November 1, 1952.

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Anonymous said...

Petitions to repeal the congressional map are now at Cuyahoga County Democratic headquarters; they arrived from Columbus yesterday evening. I already have mine. This map is just too ugly to stand. District 11 now has an almost 80 percent Democratic makeup! They've crammed virtually every Democrat in the state into four districts, leaving the rest of the state — 12 districts — as a Republican playground. To do so, they split communities and counties across the state, treating voters as mere pawns in their little game.