Monday, November 07, 2011

Endorsements: Warrensville Heights School District clarification

Warrensville Heights Board of Education [Elect 3]: This district school board suffers from some of the same maladies as the Richmond Heights Local Schools, where a three-man coalition holds power, micromanages, undermines the superintendent, and generally runs amok. 

The battle lines are not as clear here, but the fingerprints are similar. 

Warrensville Heights has a strong, talented, and dedicated superintendent who has accepted personal responsibility for improving the district’s substandard performance. She deserves unanimous board support but often finds herself at odds with the contentious minority that currently leads the board. 

Incumbents June E. Taylor and Mary Pat Morris are running as a team with Harold L. Burks to ensure that, in concert with holdover board member Sandra Noble, the superintendent gets that support and district staff gets a consistent message. That’s more than enough to get our endorsement. 

[Note: This section has been revised to make plain that superintendent Marva Kay Jones does presently enjoy majority support from the board. Jones is generally supported by incumbents Taylor, Morris, and Noble, while the board president and vice president are considerably less so.]

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