Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nina Turner keynotes NOAH banquet [video]

State Senator Nina Turner has had a meteoric rise to prominence as a fierce and outspoken public official. Elected to Cleveland City Council in 2005, she vaulted to the Ohio Senate less than three years later in 2008 when Democratic state senators selected her to succeed Lance Mason, who had resigned the 25th District seat for a judicial appointment.

Fewer than seven months later, Turner was the most prominent black public official to champion Issue 6, the controversial ballot issue that led to the reform of Cuyahoga County government.  Widely attacked by the black political establishment for this alleged heresy, she is guaranteed to make the entrenched old guard apoplectic if she follows through  with her expected challenge to incumbent Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge for the right to represent the newly configured 11th Congressional District.

We have yet to sit down and discuss this potential race with Turner, but we did hear her deliver the keynote at the Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope's 10th Annual Banquet last night. 

It's a fair assumption that most Real Deal readers, though surely ranking among the county's most informed residents, have not heard a Turner speech. So, as a public service, here and here is Turner's talk from last night. Each segment is  about ten minutes long.

As always, your thoughtful responses are invited.

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