Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaking News: Stanley Miller resigns as NAACP executive director

Stanley Miller has resigned as executive director of the Cleveland chapter of the NAACP to become head of Marcus Garvey Academy. His last day as leader of what remains known as Cleveland’s largest traditional civil rights organization will be Friday, July 29.

Miller moves from one hot seat to another as he takes the helm at Garvey. The community school [known as charter schools everywhere but Ohio] is sponsored by Ashe Cultural Center, which for the last several years has been fighting efforts by the Ohio Department of Education to revoke its sponsor status. It will be Miller’s task to help resist these efforts while maintaining Garvey’s “excellent” state ranking, viewed by the school’s critics as possibly an illegitimate attainment.

Miller is also the pastor of Shaffer United Methodist Church on Cleveland’s south side.

The Cleveland NAACP is one of only four branches nationwide to employ a fulltime director. No process is yet in place to choose his successor, who will have to be approved by the national office.

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